Web News & Views #7

Haven’t done  a news & views roundup in a while, so time to check my RSS reader folders and link to some good webmasters reading material.

Search Engine News

Bing’s Stefan Weitz: Where Is Search Going? Weitz provides some interesting insights about the future of search engine development, and no, social media is not the main topic he discusses here.

The Buzz Not Quite Dying Out

But it’s taken an interesting turn over the past week, as more people got upset with the perceived breach of their privacy. Google Getting Wrong Kind Of Buzz:

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleging that Google’s new social networking service Buzz violates federal consumer protection law.

Of course, it didn’t take long for this headline to show up: Class Action Complaint Filed Over Google Buzz

Google responded by saying  “With Buzz We Failed To Appreciate That Users Have Differing Privacy Expectations”

Pete Cashmore provided a nice overview of Buzz, taking into account both the privacy issues, in his CNN column:

Google Buzz: What is it good for?

Still mad at Google? You may like this article published on Gizmodo:

How To: Escape From Google’s Clutches, Once and For All


I enjoy Facebook as much as the next person, and apparently both me and the next person have been complaining about it being slow and at times unreliable. Looks like Facebook was listening:

How Facebook Became Twice as Fast (But Still Not Fast Enough)

Can’t have the good without the bad. That annoying Farmville game seems to be going stronger:

FarmVille Wins Social Networking Game of the Year Award

FarmVille Surpasses 80 Million Users

I really hate Farmville. It’s not just the annoying messages in my stream, but the very nature of this game displaying the false idyllic facade of farms, when in reality, the food production industry is a big-money cruel machine of mass production at the expense of animal welfare.

If you dislike Farmville for this or any other reason, you may need this -

HOW TO: Block FarmVille on Facebook

Other Stuff

Google Maps Adds Businesses in 30 African Countries

Ok, you may not be visiting Africa anytime soon (or maybe you will be), but I appreciate the fact that Google is taking the time and effort to do this. Google Earth/Google Maps were invaluable to me on our last big family trip in the US. It just feels good to know that the same kind of information is available elsewhere as well.

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  1. I guess one thing knows for sure is that regardless of what they release it’s not going to make everyone happy, I have seen both arguments and sides for Google Buzz. Nice round up and as always thanks for commenting on Extreme John, I always appreciate you stopping by.
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  2. Thank you for your kind words, John! Much appreciated! I enjoy your blog very much – it’s an inspiration!