Where to Find People to Follow on Twitter

This post is not about increasing the number of your followers on Twitter. It is about how you can find interesting people to follow.

Now, mind you, I believe that finding cool people to follow on Twitter is actually the right way to gradually and organically grow your own following. Find people you have an interest in, interact with them, keep your own tweets interesting and non-spammy, and you will eventually grow a good solid community of Internet friends on Twitter.

So, how to find those interesting people to follow on Twitter? First, allow me to refer you to another post of mine, from the pre-B6S days, where I wrote about Who NOT to Follow on Twitter. When you find someone you may think you’d like to follow, scan their feed on their Twitter page and see if it really is someone you’d enjoy following.

Now all you need to figure out is where to find those people you may actually be interested in following. Here are my favorite sources -

  1. Twitter Directories – there are quite a few directories and lists out there, trying to map Twitter accounts. Usually, unless they are niche directories, they list those people who have added themselves. Still, it’s better than nothing! Here’s a good list of Twitter directories by Cnet and another, more detailed review by Mashable, which also includes some niche directories.
  2. Blogs – if you enjoy a blog, look for the Twitter icon somewhere on the page and follow the blogger. This can open up an entire new social circle on Twitter for you.
  3. Mentions – if you see someone you follow mention another twitter user in a positive manner and an interesting context, simply click their username to view their profile and stream. Now you can choose whether to follow them or not.
  4. FollowFriday – while looking for mentions, keep an eye open for the FollowFriday meme. Fridays is the day when some people to recommend other Twitter accounts to follow and add the hashtag #FollowFriday (or #FF for short). I make a point of clicking at least a few names every Friday.
  5. Searches – every once in a while, when I feel like tweeting and interacting with people on something specific, I run a search for the term on Twitter itself. It can be a specific movie, TV show, a hobby, a book – you’d be surprised what might come up. These people may be very different, yet we know we have at least this one thing in common. I actually found this one to be one of the best ways to introduce brand new and interesting people into my stream.
  6. Your Followers – last but not least, every once in a while, take a few moments to check on your latest followers. Don’t follow back automatically. You are likely to find quite a few bots and spammers, and even some people who only follow but never tweet. Still, there are gems in there. If they are interested in your tweets, chances are you two have something in common and their tweets may be of interest to you.

I hope this post will help you find new people to follow on Twitter. If you liked it, do follow me on both my accounts – @b6s where I tweet about webmasters topics and @israelimom where I share my everyday life.

18 thoughts on “Where to Find People to Follow on Twitter

    • I do if they’re human. Too often they are bots, and I make a point of not following those :)

      • This twitter bots are a menace, sometimes you get so many notification of following from them. They are quite annoying.

  1. I check out those who follow me, as well as check out those who RT me. This is a slow process but one that I think gives me the best follow list. I want to follow real and interesting people that will add value.
    .-= Robert Bravery´s last blog post ..Happy New Year 2010 =-.

    • Many of those following you might be spam bots looking for that automatic follow back. I actually do look at my stream and skim-read it so I try to keep spammers out of it :)

  2. Thanks for this post. I’ve never been a huge fan of Twitter because I am having a hard time getting REAL people to network with on that site. Most are just bots with auto-posts and auto-following.
    .-= Kai´s last blog post ..SEO =-.

    • There are a lot of bots on Twitter, but once you find the right people, it’s a great place where you can make actual friends. I think I’ve met almost ten people from Twitter already. Some were locals, others just visiting this country. I’m not even sure why, but there’s something about Twitter that brings out something very real and warm out of people.

  3. I got fed up of all my new followers being spammy so I don’t follow them any more. I occasionally say something along the lines of ‘if you are a real person following me send me a DM and I will follow you back’. This means that people who actually read your Tweets and are willing to make the effort get followed and everybody else gets ignored!
    .-= Thomas´s last blog post ..Nike Launches Interactive City Guide App =-.

  4. I started twitter a few weeks ago, since then I’ve begun to love it. When I started I hated Twitter it’s allowed me to network with people in my business alot easier. News and updates happen in quickly which makes for a great social communication app.

  5. Thanks for the great tips and resources.

    I have connected with so many great people on Twitter but sometimes it is hard to keep up with them because of all the spam. I like to give people a chance but I delete them as soon as they get spammy.