WordPress Theme Generators

While waiting for the design company I hired to make me a new wordpress theme, I figured I’d play around with existing theme generators to see what they could actually generate. Googling around I came across several WordPress theme generators and gave some of them a try:






Basically, what they all do is offer you a choice of several layouts, then provide you with forms where you can select fonts, colors and other design elements. The first four are online applications where you just download the finished theme. The last is an actual .exe file, so I decided to skip it. From the provided screenshot it seems to be very similar to the others.

So, will I be using these? I think not, and here’s why:

  1. None of these generators provide any unique graphics – they’re limited to what CSS and HTML can do, or whatever graphics you bring with you to the theme.
  2. The two themes I have tried out were not widget-ready. The generators were probably created before the WordPress  widgets era.
  3. I don’t feel comfortable with not knowing what’s inside the code exactly. I know I’ll end up hacking it manually anyway so…
  4. I think it will be faster for me to find a basic theme and then model something out of it, working my way around changing graphics, colors, fonts etc.

Figured I’d share them here all the same, in case someone else may find them useful. If you do, or if you know of others, do let me know!

3 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Generators

  1. I’d stay away from programs like that. We never know if they insert an invisible line of code inside the theme. Better learn some CSS and PHP, then grab a basic theme and play with it. It get customized better, and safe.

  2. Good point, Aura. I guess the same could be true of any free template you download though – unless you really trust the source.

    BTW, sorry, but I had to edit out the link in your signature – I can’t link to such a blog, sorry.