Web News & Views Roundup #3

I can’t believe it’s taken me over a week to get back to my RSS reader and go over the latest headlines and bylines.

2009 Reports and Summaries

It’s December, the end of 2009 and some interesting end of year reports have been published.

Facebook published its list of trending topics this year. Rather than just showing trending keywords, they actually grouped some keywords together to reflect a trending topic. So, for example, “celebrity deaths” at number four reflects Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze and Billy Mays.

Another interesting, and if I may say so, rather upsetting list, was published by Norton. It’s their list of the top 100 searches made by kids, based on data collected by their software across millions of homes. I can only hope people simply don’t know how to use their software properly, so that the data also includes searches made by adults. Otherwise, the results scare me, with porn being at #4 for kids aged 7 and under!

To end the lists with something nicer, if you’re a Mom Blogger, you should check Mashable’s latest feature: The Top 2009 Social Media Trends for Moms.

SEO Highlights

As always, lots of SEO related news on the web. I found these to be particularly interesting:

Randfish from SEOMoz reviews how personalized search results could effect your site’s traffic in his How Personalized Search Changes SEO (and Doesn’t). He predicts that big brands are going to get an even bigger slice of the pie and competition for those long-end phrases will become harder.

Bill Slawski discusses the use of synonyms in Google’s algorithm. Basing his post on quotes from the actual algorithm patent, he analyzes some examples to show you Google may or may not be implementing this in the SERP’s.  How Google May Expand Searches Using Synonyms for Words in Queries – well worth a read.

On a more practical note, I found this piece by Julie Joyce useful: 8 Steps To Avoid Link Analysis Paralysis.

And Some More

Jason Kincaid from Tech Crunch discusses a feature of Chrome which I really like: Google Browser Size Helps Keep Your Content Above The Fold. It’s so true. When I first tried Chrome, my initial reaction was, “There’s so much space on my screen now!” For marketers, this is a relevant issue and Jason provides a very neat link there, to Google Labs Browser Size Page.

Speaking of Google, this one piece here on Mashable discusses Google Wave’s Massive Potential for Business Users. Given Wave has been given a lot of bad rap lately, it provides a refreshing look at what’s supposed to be the ultimate social application of the future.

Last, (and maybe least), is this piece in Mashable again: HOW TO: Outsmart Phishers. The writers have disclaimers all over the place about this being a humorous article, yet  it is exactly what they do at 419 Eater. I’d never do it myself, but it sure is funny.

3 thoughts on “Web News & Views Roundup #3

  1. Interesting post, I wonder how they can tell the age groups. Most kids under 7 share computers with parent. I would say under 7 it is webkinz, noggin, nickjr and disney playhouse and barbie dot com. At least that’s were my kids go, 3 and 5. Now my other daughter age 8 is all about webkinz (daily and youtube and all the teen pop videos, hanna monanta, jonas.

    Not Porn. That is the great thing about letting your kids use the computer you can spy on what they are looking at not that I have that problem yet but the proof is in the internet history Mom and Dad. Serious if you kids are looking at Porn you need to have a talk with them.

    Wow I guess you hit a sour spot with your post good work.
    .-= Jared P Little´s last blog post ..My 1st Guest Post on Blog Engage =-.

    • Was wondering the same thing myself. Maybe it’s different logins? Kids know how to type in a password so maybe that’s how they create a different account for them.
      My kids are 6 and 8 and we use a better system – they’re just not allowed to surf the Internet and we’ve had many talks about why that is. They also have a list of kid-friendly sites they can use. We pay subscriptions for 3 quality sites and that way we know they won’t be lured away by ads.

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