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I’ve never actually tried to add a file for people to download on any of my WordPress blogs. Until today, that is. I guess there’s always a first time? I had a cat-themed template designed and I wanted to share it with site visitors.

Now, with HTML, it’s fairly simple. I have done that before. All it takes is linking to the .zip file and voila. But when I tried that on a WordPress page all that happened was an annoying 404 message.

Turns out, you can’t just allow people to download from anywhere on your WordPress installation. It’s not a matter of uploading the file anywhere on your domain names and linking to it.

Instead, you have to upload the file via WordPress, which will then make it available for download. The way to do that is using your “Add Media” button here:

I confess, with buttons there to add pictures, movies and audio files, I never quite understood what the “add media” was for. Now I know.  It allows you to upload files to your upload directories and create a working download link for your visitors.

Gotta love WordPress – always a new trick up its digital sleeve!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a cat theme – you can find that one right here:

WordPress Cat Themes

12 thoughts on “Download Links in WordPress

    • I’m having some designers make four more cat themes. I think the blogosphere needs more cat themes, don’t you? ;)

    • I should do a followup on WP themes as a way to promote a site. It hasn’t been much of a success, at least not so far.

  1. Well that explains what the ‘add media’ button is, like you I was confused by it! How much does WordPress let you upload? It sounds like it would be an easier process that sendspace etc.
    .-= Thomas´s last blog post ..El Camino Del Rey Video =-.

    • Can’t say I’ve tried to check its limits yet ;) I have four more templates to upload to that site, but I doubt that will tax the WP limits in any way.

    • That makes sense, actually. In my case, WordPress is installed in the root of the domain, so anything on the domain is “under wordpress”.